A Green Team lesson that’ll last a lifetime…

Sam playing a game of Riparian Metaphors with West Linn students

Sam playing a game of Riparian Metaphors with West Linn students

Sam Neverick, a current freshman at Portland Community College, started her volunteer experience with SOLVE through our yearlong service-learning program, Green Team. As a student in Jim Hartmann’s Environmental Science class at West Linn High School during the 2011-2012 school year, Sam visited Abernethy Creek in Oregon City once a month with her classmates and actively participated in various stream restoration activities such as planting native trees and shrubs, testing water quality and learning all about invasive species.  On site Sam was always one of the hardest working
and most engaged students in her class, motivating her fellow classmates the whole time.  She was also the class bird expert, always looking to educate her fellow students on the local bird life at the site.  A true blossoming teacher herself!  She even presented West Linn High’s work at Abernethy Creek to watershed professionals at our end of year summit.

Sam presenting for West Linn HIgh School at the  end of year SOLVE Green Team summit

Sam presenting for West Linn HIgh School at the end of year SOLVE Green Team summit

When the school year was ending Sam asked SOLVE staff if there was a project she could take on while she was in college to further learn how to educate students on the importance of stream health.  She is currently studying environmental science at PCC and was hoping to job shadow SOLVE staff as she would like a career in Environmental Education.  We quickly took her up on the offer!

Thank you for this opportunity, you have no idea how much I am in love with the Environmental Science field, and I am just extremely fortunate for your help!  I volunteer because I absolutely love it, and its what I’ll want to do forever!”

 – Sam Neverick

Last June, Sam took our Stream Team Captain Training to gain even more skills on stream and wetland restoration, volunteer management and event leadership.  Our Stream Team Captains are our key volunteers who provide leadership during our Saturday tree planting events.  Over the summer months Sam led two Saturday volunteer events to gain experience leading and motivating volunteers in the field.

Currently, Sam is helping us lead this year’s West Linn High School Green Team at Rinearson Creek in Gladstone.  She has been teaching the students all about stream health, native trees and shrubs, how to properly plant and of course about bird life all while keeping students motivated and inspired.

We at SOLVE are very lucky to have such a wonderful volunteer rise up through the volunteer training ranks to become such an outstanding and inspiring teacher for our Green Team program!  Thank you Sam!

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