Plants, shovels, friends…what more do you need?!

Photos and text by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Northwest Member Lauren McKenna

Mountain View Middle School @ Beaverton Trib 12/14/2012

Mountain View went back to “Karper Creek” (really a tributary of Beaverton Creek, lovingly named after their teacher, Mr. Karper) to spend some time in “Gnarnia” ( a little spot by the creek under a tree), plant 30 natives and remove invasives, get muddy, and hang out with their friends.  They also removed some Armenian blackberry from the hillside and added mulch to the plant they had planted last month.  A few lucky students won SOLVE pins for correctly identifying the native shrubs we planted, too!

The day did not involve a lot of rain, but it was very soggy near the creek.  Planting native shrubs will not only add crucial habitat for wildlife, but also stabilize the soil and prevent all this muddy erosion.  Seeing many aspect of riparian restoration seems to have had a positive effect on the Mountain View students.  After their very full day, we asked them to think about their time at the creek so far…..

“The creek looks a lot better than it did when we first came here.”

“I slipped in the creek

But I enjoyed working with it

It was a great experience

It was beneficially worth the time”

(Mountain View students)

Right after the students, parents and Mr. Karper left, a couple living in the neighborhood mentioned how grateful they are to have the students working to make the creek healthier.  Lots of compliments!

Thank you, Mountain View for your dedication!  See you in the new year!

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