The Mud Kids!

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Text and photos by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Northwest Members Lauren McKenna and Nicole Poletto

RCEMS @ Willow Creek 1/9/13

Rain and wind are NEVER things that prevent Rachel Carson Environmental Middle School from working with SOLVE at their creek site. EVER. It’s January, in Oregon, but these hardy kids are still here, digging up blackberry roots and planting native trees and shrubs. With their upbeat mood and string work ethic, they have bascially cleared the way for 600 native plants to be planted at Willow Creek… a feat for sure! And MUD? Also never an issue!

Muddy hands and muddy pants: the sign of a hard day's work!

Muddy hands and muddy pants: the sign of a hard day’s work!

After a very muddy day, besides continuing to remove invasive Armenian blackberry (Rubus armeniacus), they planted 74 native dogwoods, ninebark, alder, vine and big leaf maples, Oregon grape, and more! Student were quizzed on indentifying these plants correctly and won prizes for those who could correctly name all the plants!

Students also found some creative uses for mud:
-makes you look tough
-walking in mud is good excercise
-muddy clothes make laundry an exciting challenge
-getting your boots stuck in mud is also a fun challenge
-can be used to put hand prints
-makes a great face mask
-great as a natural face paint
-makes great fake mustaches

Thank you for your hard work and genuine love of mud! Willow Creek is lookin’ good, thanks to you!

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