Giving Life to Beaver Creek

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Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest member, Nicole Poletto

Reynolds High School @ Beaver Creek on 2.5.2013

After a restful winter break, Reynolds High School was geared up and ready to tackle another day of battling blackberry and planting natives.  After we refreshed our memory on how to identify native plants we began a two-pronged attack!! We dug out as many roots as possible and replaced them with native trees.

We began by planting Western Red Cedar, known as the tree of life for its healing and spiritual powers.  The power of the Red Cedar tree was said to be so strong a person could receive strength by standing with their back to the tree.  We filled Beaver Creek not only with Red Cedars that day, but also Big Leaf Maple and Douglas Fir.  27 trees later, it was time to call it a day.

Thanks for all of your dedication Reynolds!

SOLVE’s Annual Women in Science day will be held at Beaver Creek’s very own Glen Otto Park on March 23rd from 9-1.  Girls – Are you interested in exploring a career in science?  Come learn more and chat with mentors currently in the science field!  We will also be planting more native trees and shrubs in the same area that Reynolds is stewarding!  Come and check it out!

Register online at :

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