The Stakes are High…. at Willow Creek!

Text and photos by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Northwest Members Lauren McKenna and Nicole Poletto

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Willows saving Willow Creek!

At Willow Creek, Rachel Carson students have now begun to install willow cuttings into the hillside adjacent to the creek.  The addition of Pacific, Scouler’s and Sitka Willow (Salix lucida, S. scouleriana, and S. sitchensis) will eventually provide shade and habitat to Willow Creek.  Installing live cutting of these willows will be especially important in reducing erosion.  Since the cuttings are in a dormant phase, they will put most of their energy into creating a root structure that will hold down the soil.

After installing dozens of cuttings as well as planting 97 native shrubs, the students wrote notes to a Japanese school (whose students are about the same age as the Rachel Carson Students) that raised money for SOLVE’s Tsunami Debris Response program.  The students not only wrote thank you’s, but also wrote about what they have been up to at Willow Creek.  Their notes were sent to the school!


Thank you for all your hard work, Rachel Carson.  You ROCK!

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