Mystery solved

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Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest member Nicole Poletto

Gladstone HS @ Rinearson Creek on 2.14.2013

Gladstone High School students have dedicated their trimester to monitor the water quality of Rinearson Creek.  During their last class, they ventured all the way out to Estacada to compare Eagle Creek to Rinearson through macroinvertebrate samples.  Today, they were ready to solve their mystery.

4 different types of Macroinvertebrates.

4 different types of Macroinvertebrates.

Gladstone students were now pros at macroinvertebrate samples so they wasted no time hopping in the stream and collecting their samples.  After a random sub-sample, we quickly began identifying small minnow mayflies, worms, and scuds.  At Eagle Creek we found all 4 feeding groups of macroinvertebrates.  However, Rinearson creek was overwhelmingly dominated by mayflies, which may be an indicator of the health of Rinearson Creek.  Mayflies are more tolerant of pollution, and since Rinearson Creek is an urban stream the dominant presence mayflies could tell us that Rinearson is more polluted.

On their next, and last trip out to Rinearson, Gladstone will monitor the water quality of Rinearson using temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH and turbidity to add the final piece of the puzzle.  Thanks for your dedication Gladstone!


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