What lives in Mt. Scott Creek? Lots of BUGS!

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Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest members Nicole Poletto and Lauren McKenna

Spring Mountain Elementary @ Mt. Scott Creek on 2.19.2013

Spring Mountain Elementary was pumped for their first trip back to Mt. Scott in 2013!  Today was the day that we got to look at all of the BUGS in the creek!  What could be cooler than that?! These bugs are known as macroinvertebrates and the different kinds of macroinvertebrates that we find in the creek can tell us how healthy the creek is!

The students eagerly watched as adults hopped in the stream and collected three samples of macroinvertebrates for the students to look at by rubbing the rocks and disturbing the bottom of the stream in front of the net.  The students were amazed to see all of the little critters swimming around in their bins and ice-cube trays!  We found lots of mayflies and worms!  We also found a sculpin that swam into our net!  Sculpins are fun to look at but not OK to touch!

Team Stinger!!!

Team Stinger checks out some macros!!!

After all of our macros were thoroughly analyzed by all the members of each team (such as Team Stinger) we reflected on the day and on all of the cool bugs that we found! Here are some reflections and drawings from the day:

Collage of a few student's drawings

Collage of drawings from 3 students

spring mtn lauren reflection

spring mtn macros

Thanks for your creativity and enthusiasm Spring Mountain! AND a BIG THANK YOU to Mrs. Shroufe and the Clackamas High School students that came to help out!

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