Lots of trash at Rock Creek…LITTERally!

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Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest member Nicole Poletto

Clackamas HS @ Rock Creek on 3.4.2013

Today, Clackamas students came prepared to protect Rock Creek from marine debris.  We learned more about our watershed and how all of our litter could eventually wash it into the Clackamas River!  Since all waterways lead to the ocean, this has created the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that is twice the size of Texas.  It contains 3 million tons of plastic, with 6 pounds of plastic for every 1 pound of plankton!

The Great Pacific Garbage patch        Source: www.localphilosophy.org

The Great Pacific Garbage patch.                       Source: http://www.localphilosophy.org

Since 80% of marine pollution is land based, what can we do to help the health of the streams, oceans, and the creatures living in them?! We brainstormed ways to reduce our own plastic use and then got to work picking up litter in Rock Creek’s riparian zone!

How can we reduce our plastic use?

How can we reduce our plastic use?

After sorting through our findings, here is what we picked up at the end of the day:
8 tires
2 trash bags of plastic bags
26 PVC pipes
Aluminum cans
A trash bag full of food wrappers
3 signs
4 bags of paper products
78 pieces of styrofoam
1 deflated basketball
1 couch cushion
8 tires!

8 tires!

That is a whole lot of trash we just stopped from washing into Rock Creek!

That is a whole lot of trash we just stopped from washing into Rock Creek!

A full truck load of trash!

Incredible job!  Thanks so much Clackamas HS for getting that trash outta’ there!  

Feel inspired to clean up our beaches and waterways?  Join us on March 30th from 10 AM -1 PM for SOLVE Spring Oregon Beach Cleanup!

Join Oregonians from across the state to celebrate nearly three decades of twice-yearly beach cleanups along the entire Oregon coastline.  This effort benefits people and wildlife alike, supporting clean seas and healthy communities for present and future generations.

Sign up for your favorite beach here: http://www.solv.org/what-we-do/solve-spring-oregon-beach-cleanup !


SOLVE’s Annual Women in Science day will be held at Glen Otto Park in Troutdale on March 23rd from 9-1.  Girls – Are you interested in exploring a career in science? Come chat with mentors currently in the science field over breakfast!  In the afternoon we will be planting trees up the road at Beaver Creek!  Register online at : http://www.solv.org/get-involved/events/women-science-day.  See you there!

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