Blackberry doesn’t stand a chance…

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Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest member Nicole Poletto

Sabin-Schellenberg @ Rock Creek on 3.12.2013

One sunny Tuesday morning, Forestry I hopped off the bus at Rock Creek for their first SOLVE trip!  Armed with shovels, the students were ready to take on invasives.  The Armenian Blackberry never even stood a chance!  They learned that we remove invasive species to help prevent erosion (especially on the steep banks at Rock Creek) because invasive species have simpler root structures in a monoculture that do not hold onto the soil.  We also remove invasive species to plant native species in order provide habitat and food for native animals as well as shade for the creek!

The students quickly got to work digging out roots, and as the class period continued, the pile continued to grow!  At the end of the class, the students teamed up and planted some Cascara trees and Red Currant – 25 to be exact!  With all of the Blackberry cleared, Rock Creek will soon become a native vegetation haven!

Keep up the good work Sabin!

Ridding Rock Creek of Blackberry!

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