Creek Explorers!

Photos and text by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Northwest AmeriCorps Member Lauren McKenna

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On a finally sunny day, City View Charter returned to Council Creek to explore it’s macroinvertebrate life… or whatever they find!  After discovering lots of aquatic isopods (think rollie-pollies in the water!), leeches, snails and few water boatmen, we made an educated guess that the creek is still pretty poor quality, but improving!  After returning our watery friends back to the creek, students divided up and conquered — they installed over 100 live willow and dogwood stakes  that will help reduce the amount of invasive reed canarygrass in and around the creek.

Some students wrote stories from the perspective of a macroinvertebrate:

“Hi!  I don’t know what I am called, a leek I think.  It’s very boring in the stream… contract, relax, contract, relax.  Sometimes I see a twig in the stream.  Not much pollution in here.  Hey!  I see a juicy animal!  Bye!”

others drew the macroVERTEBRATES they saw:


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