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Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Corps member, Nicole Poletto

Spring Mountain Elementary @ Mt. Scott Creek on 3.19.2013

Despite the rainy day, the rain held off for Spring Mountain Elementary to visit Mt. Scott Creek.  We refreshed our Plant ID of our native plants and learned Ethnobotany (phew, that is a big word)! That big word, Ethnobotany, is the historical relationship of plants and people in native cultures.  We learned that you can use Elderberry leaves to keep the bugs away and that Oregon Grape in a tea can help make us feel better.  Once we learned more about all of the cool gifts that our native plants could provide, we got to work taking care of them!

One way to take care of the 250 native plants we planted is to mulch them.  The mulch helps the plant retain nutrients, suppress weeds, and help keep it hydrated in the warm summer months when Spring Mountain isn’t there to take care of them!  Each plant that we planted needed a “donut” around it of lots of mulch!  The students quickly got to work, helping each other carry buckets of mulch or taking multiple trips of small buckets to each of our plants.

At the end of the day, we mulched about 60 plants could look back at our progress and see just how many plants we planted at Mt. Scott – all thanks to Spring Mountain Elementary!

Mulch-fun with Lauren (SOLVE)

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