Final reflections on Rock Creek

Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest member, Nicole Poletto

Clackamas HS on 4.5.2013

For 2 classes at Clackamas High School today was their last SOLVE day.  These students came out to Rock Creek, once a month, rain or shine.  The students worked very hard this year, transforming a hillside of blackberry into a sea of native plants, creating and installing live cottonwood stakes, doing a litter clean-up and investigating stream health through macroinvertebrate surveys.  (Phew, that is a lot!)  Now the time had come to look back on everything that we had learned.  We only held back tears long enough to write some reflections: articles, poems, and drawings about the year…

Here is what some of the students had to say:

circle of life

Roses are red, violets are blue

I like the forest, I hope you do too.

And if by chance you disagree

well you’re wrong, save the trees!

Aside from trees, the river’s great

the fish swim freely it helps them mate.

Native plants can still be saved

it’s our job to keep the invasives away.

                                                                       The watershed is our backyard

                                                                    so keep it clean, it’s not that hard!

Rock Creek is where we restore,

if we don’t work, invasive species grow more and more.

Our goal is to save the creek,

we work with SOLVE, they are pretty unique.

Invasive species grow free

Taking over all the trees

we have to save Rock Creek.

Litter removal is key

Now there is peace

We have to save Rock Creek

Native plants means going green

Big and tall for all to see

We have to save Rock Creek

Slow water, thick roots,

shaded banks, cool water, animals free

We have saved Rock Creek

There were so many awesome reflections it was hard to choose just a few.  Keep an eye out for more in the Rock Creek Newsletter coming soon!

In the beginning of the year the students took a SOLVE Pre-Test and today it came full circle when they took a Post-test to see how much they learned.  Here are the results:

Pre test average: 4.8 out of 19.

Post test average: 10.2 out of 19.

Thank you Clackamas High School, your passion inspires us and thanks to you, Rock Creek will be healthier for generations to come!

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