Good Day Sunshine!

Text and photos by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Northwest AmeriCorps Member Lauren McKenna


The last time Portland Lutheran spend the day at Beaver Creek, they also spent the day in the POURING rain.  Of course, it’s not a  SOLVE day without a  little watering!  During this last visit, however, they got sun, Sun, SUN!

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Before heading to the creek, we all talked a little about litter in the environmnet and how people — that means you, kids! — can reduce how much litter there is and how much we depend on plastic.  As we helped the creek, we collected any trash we found.  Empty plant pots, in a way, are waste produced from planting native plants; SOLVE recycles ALL plastic plant pots by returning them to the native plant nursery to be reused.

They also spent the day adding mulch to some newly planted baby plants and also helped place out plants to be planted later. They learned that some plants, like willow, like sun and wet soil and some like Douglas-fir, like higher, drier land.

They also spent some time in the sun during their lunch break… it was glorious weather until… it HAILED!  Many of the students are exchange students from other countries, and some were seeing hail for the first time: “Teacher! Teacher! Ice!”

Portland Lutheran, you all ROCK!

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