Saving the world one coffee bag at a time

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Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest Americorps members Nicole Poletto and Lauren McKenna

Timber Lake Job Corps @ Boardman Wetlands on 4.9.2013

Once again, Timber Lake Job Corps ventured out all the way from Estacada to Jennings Lodge for a full day of adventure at Boardman wetlands.  First, we continued to remove the invasive Blackberry that we were removing together in November.  The roots didn’t stand a chance against Timber Lake!  We were digging them out right and left, and making a huge pile of the carnage.  We may or may not have also tasted a few worms in the process…

After we dug roots, we had enough room to plant some more native trees and shrubs!  We planted about 50 plants in the Blackberry and Reed Canary grass area!  

Planting a native Willow

Planting a native Willow

But that’s not all! Thanks to Boyd’s Coffee, we had totes of coffee bags at our disposal to battle the invasive reed canary grass!  The reason that we place coffee bags around our plants is to shade out the grass growing underneath and give our natives a leg up on the competition.  Reed Canary grass can grow over 6 feet tall in the summertime, which is why it is very important that our plants don’t get shaded out!  We coffee-bagged 60 plants and mulched 100 plants!  Our plants are now well equipped to grow nice and tall and shade out the invasive grass while providing a habitat and food source to natives as well as shade for the creek!
Looks like we saved Boardman Creek, one coffee bag at a time.

Looks like we saved Boardman Creek, one coffee bag at a time.

Thank you Timber Lake for great attitude and hard work! 

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