Battling Reed Canarygrass

Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest AmeriCorps member Nicole Poletto

Rex Putnam HS @ Boardman Wetlands on 4.15.2013

Rex Putnam High School came out once again to Boardman wetlands to continue to take care of all the plants that they planted!  In order to do this, they “coffee bagged” the native plants in the Reed Canarygrass area.  What does this mean, you might ask?  Well, Reed Canarygrass is a pesky invasive that can grow over 6 feet in the summertime.  It has a crazy seedbank in the soil, so the only way to get rid of it is with shade.  Staking coffee bags around the native plants helps shade out the grass and gives our native plants a chance to grow!  We coffee bagged 55 of our native plants! We also mulched 50 plants after they were bagged in order to help them retain water in the warm summer months when Rex Putnam isn’t there anymore to take care of their native plants!

That is not all that we did!  We also discussed litter in our environment and how litter in our watershed eventually ends up in the ocean.  A few dedicated students picked up litter around the neighborhood to keep it out of our waterways.

Thank you Rex Putnam for stewarding Boardman wetlands all year!  We will see you next month for our last outing to the wetlands!

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