You Go, Glencoe!

Photos and text by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Northwest AmeriCorps Member Lauren McKenna

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During Glencoe High School’s last SOLVE day at McKay Creek for this school year, lots happened.  Here’s a glimpse:

Students took a post SOLVE survey and quiz, in which they got scored 37% higher than on the quiz they took at the beginning of the year.  Way to go!

They also mulched about 300 native trees and shrubs… that THEY planted.  These plants will now retain water over the dry summer months and provide habitat, filter runoff, stabilize the soil and provide shade for McKay.  One student said we were putting the “ashes of their ancestors (mulch = ground up Douglas-fir trees) on them, but they will help the babies (newly planted native plants) survive!

And because summer also means the return of the invasives, some students chopped down reed canarygrass — which is quickly beginning to tower over the native plants — and untangled native plants from the vine-y, invasive Morning Glory.

Lastly, we all celebrated with DONUTS!  Everyone loves donuts, and thanks to Sesame Donuts, Glencoe’s Green Team gained back some of the calories they burned working hard at McKay!  Thank you Sesame Donuts for your generous donation!

And thank you to Richard Stanley, Linda Wolf and all the wonderful Glencoe students for your openness, dedication to the environment, and for welcoming me to your school.  I had a blast and hope you stay involved with your community!

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