It’s Macro Season!

Photos and text by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Norhtwest AmeriCorps members Lauren McKenna and Nicole Poletto

Donning thigh-high waders, students collected (and returned) life from the creek to assess how healthy it is, and look at all the cool bugs!

Four Wednesdays worth of removing invasive teasel, blackberry and reed canarygrass, touring Willow Creek, laying down coffee bags to prevent invasives and 24 rounds of macroinvertebrate surveys!  During Rachel Carson’s last visits to Willow Creek for the school year (the 6th and 7th graders will be back in the fall!), they got to return to the “old” site where their school started working at with SOLVE back in 2004.  About 90% of the native plants at the large site were planted by current and past Rachel Carson students!  The creek is in good shape, lined with willows and Douglas spirea, home to herons and newts.

REALLY BIG Dragonfly larvae!

REALLY BIG Dragonfly larvae!

Check out the photos from each of their four visits!

Wildlife students found:

Rotation #1 (4/3/2013)

Rotation #2 (4/10/2013)

Rotation #3 (4/17/2013)

Rotation #4 (5/8/2013)

Now, let’s take a look at the first of 20 visits to Willow Creek!  Photos and haikus from Rachel Carson’s first SOLVE day of the school year on Sept. 26, 2012:

Backyard wildlife nearDSC_0574

Learning working helping all

Health for years to come

– Kim S.




The breeze through the air,

The sun beating on our backs,

The joy of hard work.

– Cecilee Henstrom


Blackberry removal needs teamwork!

So many changes,

I am proud of what I’ve done

I’ve made a difference.





One group of people

In a small ecosystem

Making a big change

– Annonymous


Macroinvertebrate survey with Mr. Gibson.

Willow Creek

Is a wonder to us all

Let’s all enjoy it





Here at Willow Creek

Beautiful land surrounds me

Happy to restore

– Leslie

THANK YOU to all the Rachel Carson students who have been ALWAYS enthusiastic, the teachers who make this happen and the chaperons who are always ready for anything — and any weather!  Rain AND shine … it’s been a blast!  Thank you for a great year; SOLVE looks forward to more next year!

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