Whistle While You Work!

Text and photos by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer AmeriCorps members Lauren McKenna and Nicole Poletto

St. Matthew School 6th grade, 5/3/2013

Work as in… exploring the creek and searching for bugs!  Students got to search for macroinvertebrates living in Council Creek.  It has been very dry, the creek is moving pretty slowly and the water is very low, but we still found all sorts of life like damselfly larvae, aquatic worms and even fish and tadpoles (after many tries!).  After watching Lauren (SOLVE) take a unplanned dip in the creek, everyone was pretty cautious of unsuspecting sink holes!

Some other students decided there needed to be some soothing music and took to whistling with grass.  (If you are able to do this, you are a very talented person!)

This video doesn’t exist


The class also did reflections on their time spent at Council Creek and did a little maintenance of the native plants by laying down coffee bags around them to prevent invasive grasses from growing up around them.

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THANK YOU to the 6th graders at St. Matthew School!  We hope you had fun and learned something new!

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