Clackamas High School’s Key Club Protects Native Plants at Mt. Scott Creek

Written by SOLVE DukeEngage volunteers, Mathias Skadow and Julie Rohde

Clackamas High School Key Club @ Mt. Scott Creek on 6.25.2013 and 7.9.2013

Although summer break has officially started, the key club is hard at work maintaining local watershed health!

Mt. Scott creek is a beautiful waterway surrounded by ancient forest growth which creates a shaded and unique understory. Despite the beauty of the area, Mt. Scott Creek is in need of restoration. The Clackamas High Key Club has volunteered twice this summer with SOLVE Green Team. They helped water native plants, keeping them healthy during the dry season. They also helped to remove invasive Armenian Blackberry, which threatens to overgrow the native plants. Invasive species are bad for watershed health because unlike native species, they don’t protect stream banks from erosion, shade the water, or provide food and habitat for native animals. Thanks to the Key Club, however, a stretch of land next to Mt. Scott Creek is free of invasive blackberry. We look forward to their next outing and to seeing how much they can transform Mt. Scott over the summer!

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