Teamwork at Baltimore Woods Area

Written by DukeEngage volunteer, Julie Rohde 

L.A.S.T Youth Group @ Baltimore Woods on 7.9.2013

While the sun was beating down at Baltimore Woods, the 9 volunteers from L.A.S.T., Learning and Serving Together, worked hard to weed and mulch an area of 600 native plantings. The group hailed from Boise, ID and Bainbridge Island, WA for a week of serving the Portland area. Luckily they joined SOLVE for a few hours in an area that was overgrown with Blackberry and thistle. During the summer months many of our sites become very dry, making Blackberry quite a chore to remove. However, the volunteers were quite motivated to make a difference and protect the local watersheds. They were able to clear a significant area to give the natives more access to sunlight and to prevent competition from the invasive plants. 

During our lunch break the volunteers enjoyed discussing community service and living a life of service. We also noted some of the ethical issues that face the environment, especially in Oregon. Overall, our time with the L.A.S.T. was very productive and we were able to make an impact on the Baltimore Woods neighborhood. 


After a hard day of work the L.A.S.T. team poses with the SOLVE poster




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