Phillip’s Creek Gets a Makeover

written by DukeEngage volunteer, Julie Rohde

7.30.13 @ Phillip’s Creek

Today was a busy day for both the Clackamas High School Green Team Key Club and about 12 Japanese exchange students. First, we introduced the group to a macroinvertebrate survey of Phillip’s Creek to test for stream health. By finding particular types of juvenile bugs that live in the stream, we can predict the site’s overall health. After surveying the water with nets we discovered a unique variety of critters. We found minnow mayflies, a dragonfly larvae, and some other non-macroinvertebrates including a crayfish, scuds, and worms. Our discoveries led us to believe that Phillip’s Creek is improving but is not nearly as healthy as it could be. The particular macros that we found are generally tolerant to pollution and can adapt to the conditions of urban streams where runoff is prevalent.

Luckily, we have dedicated volunteers who give their time and effort to make Phillip’s Creek a healthier riparian zone. Not only did our volunteers survey the stream but they helped to pick up litter and water and mulch our native plants. By the end of our session we successfully “beautified” a large plot of land. Thanks to the Clackamas High School Green Team Key Club and the Japanese Exchange students for making a difference in our local watershed.

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