Meet the new faces of Green Team!


It’s that time of year again when new JV’s arrive.  We had to say goodbye to Lauren but Nicole has come on this year as the East Side Green Team Coordinator.  Our new JVs are Becca and Dane, here is a little bit about how they both came to SOLVE.


Hi there!

My name is Dane and I grew up in Southern California. I was raised with a deep respect for the ocean and spent most of my summer days down at the beach swimming and surfing. This May I graduated from Gonzaga University over in Spokane, WA, with a degree in Environmental Studies and Public Relations. During my time at Gonzaga I studied abroad in Florence Italy, where I learned how essential it is for me to have access to natural landscapes and waterways. This realization only added to my already blooming love for the Pacific Northwest. I knew I had to stay in this region after I interned on an organic farm and vineyard outside Kettle Falls, WA for the summer following my junior year. All summer long I practiced viticulture and watched the sun set over the Columbia River which runs by the property. This last summer I worked as the camp manager for Gonzaga’s Chimfunshi study abroad program in Zambia, Africa. My job consisted of cooking for thirty students (without any electricity!) and heading into Chingola, a town two hours away, to buy food for the week. Before the heat of the day set in I would take a run through the Miambo Woodlands that surrounded the camp and sometimes meet a group of school children, or the occasional chimpanzee on my way!  Throughout my life journey I have constantly been reminded of the importance and beauty of the natural world and by volunteering with SOLVE I hope to better understand my own place in this complex interconnected web. I look forward to becoming an environmental educator and sincerely thank all of the wise people who have accompanied me thus far.


Hello all!

I’m Becca and I hail from the other side of the states, way over in New York.  I’ve never been out west and look forward to exploring the beautiful wilderness out here.  I’m from the upstate city of Rochester, just below Lake Ontario where I spent my childhood around the Finger Lakes and loving to explore the outdoors.  I went to Juniata College for my undergrad degree, receiving a B.S in Environmental Science with a secondary emphasis in Religious Studies.  Juniata is located in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania right in the middle of the state or as I affectionately call, the middle of nowhere.  

I first found my interest in environmental science when I spent a semester at my college’s field station where I spent my academic experience outdoors (my classroom was right on a lake!).  Next I did a semester in southern India, studying marine science right outside the city of Puducherry.  Again I spent my class time outside; combing the beaches and fields of southern India.  Both of these experiences inspired me to want to work and learn outside of the classroom and office in the great outdoors.  This is exactly what Green Team is about and I’m excited to begin my year!




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