Portland Lutheran’s First Trip of the Year

Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer, Becca Strohm

Portland Lutheran @ Beaver Creek 9.18.13

Mr. Tarbell’s middle school science class came out for the first time to Beaver Creek on Wednesday.      The students took TriMet over and spent the whole day doing great work out at Beaver Creek.   All the students got to participate in two stations.  The first was with Mr. Tarbell doing stream mapping.  Unfortunately some students were a tad overenthusiastic and flooded their waders but luckily it was a warm, sunny day and they dried quickly!

The second station included a riparian metaphor game, invasive blackberry removal and maintenance of the native plants at Beaver Creek.  If you didn’t know, the word riparian literally means “bankside” in Latin.  So to play our metaphor game everyone picked an object out of bag and thought of a metaphor for what the object might represent in a healthy riparian area.  An example was a camouflage bandanna the different colors represented different native trees promoting biodiversity.  Great metaphors Portland Lutheran!  Students also removed invasive blackberry roots around Beaver Creek using shovels.  As long as you remove the whole root of blackberry from the ground it will not grow back and Portland Lutheran was successful at digging up a bunch of roots.  Some students’ also mulched and put beaver caging around native saplings planted at Beaver Creek.  The caging protects the young plants from beaver damage and the mulch helps the plants retain moisture and provides nutrients to the young saplings.  All in all a great day and a great job by Portland Lutheran students!  We’ll see you next month back out at Beaver Creek!

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