A New Site for a New Year

Gladstone High School @ Rinearson Creek 9/26

Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer: Becca

Gladstone High School made a trip out to Rinearson Creek for the first time on September 26th.  They have moved to a new site this year, a little farther upstream then the past few years at the Rinearson Creek headwaters.  The new site is full of invasive blackberry, hawthorn, English ivy and purple nightshade.  A new site means lots of work to be done

The blackberry patch before...

The blackberry patch before…


Blackberry Patch After!

Blackberry Patch After!

Students came out to play a riparian metaphor game and remove invasive blackberry and English ivy.  To get rid of blackberry, students cut the thorny stems away while others dug out the blackberry roots- a great team effort!  The roots and stems were placed in a huge pile so that the root bulb will dry out and the blackberry won’t be able to grow back.  Having a new site means large blackberry patches that are untouched but Gladstone students dived in to cut and dig out blackberry.  All in all Gladstone removed about 30 square feet of blackberry at the new site.  Great Job Gladstone students!

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