La Salle Clears Phillips Creek of Invasives

La Salle High School @ Phillips Creek Oct 9, 10

Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer, Becca

La Salle High School students came out with enthusiasm on October 9th and 10th to do some invasive removal at Phillips Creek.  Students began the day by playing a game of Riparian metaphors to remember the positive aspects of a stream-side environment that are our goals at Phillips Creek.  Some examples are plants with deep roots to hold in soil, preventing erosion, large trees to provide shade for the stream and biodiversity or having many different species of plants instead of a mono-culture (one species) of invasive plants.

Students faced off against invasive Armenian/Himalayan blackberry and English ivy which have taken over the banks of Phillips Creek.   Blackberry roots were dug up and a competition ensued to see who could dig the largest blackberry root and the most! Competition was fierce but everyone will win once Phillips Creek is no longer overrun with invasives plants.

In addition students picked up litter around Phillips Creek and some students found parts of a small animal skull!


All and all La Salle students cleared 2000 sq feet of blackberry and English ivy and cleaned up 100 lbs of litter.  Great Job La Salle! We’ll see you next time at Phillips Creek.

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