West Linn Begins Work at a New Site

West Linn High School @ Clackamas Confluence October 8, 9, 10

Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Becca Strohm

West Linn High School students from Mr. Hartmann’s and Mr. Bingham’s classes began work at a new site this year right along the bank of the Clackamas confluence and the Willamette River.

The site is important because the area below, right off the Clackamas River, is potential side channel habitat for aquatic wildlife.  Removing invasive species in the area will clear room for the planting of native trees and shrubs which will provide a more healthy home for the wildlife and help water quality for the potential side channel.  The site is chock full of the invasive species; English ivy and Armenian/Himalayan blackberry.  The amount of blackberry did not scare West Linn students though, they dived right in and got to work cutting back and digging up the blackberry!

Before shot

Before shot

Wall of blackberry!
Wall of blackberry!

Over three days West Linn students cleared around 3000 square feet of blackberry!  Students also picked up about 175 lbs of trash that had been dumped in the area.   A very successful three days to start a new site.  Thanks for all your hard work West Linn students!

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