A week full of fun with Macroinvertebrates!

Sam Barlow High School @ Beaver Creek October 14th, 17th and 18th, 2013

Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer: Becca Strohm

Sam Barlow High School students performed a week full of macroinvertebrate surveys both a their school and farther down Beaver Creek.  Students did a practice round on Monday, learning how to survey for macros at Beaver Creek headwaters behind their school.  Despite the low stream flow students still were able to find a few mayflies, some caddisflies and a bunch of snails.  Later in the week, having learned the basics students participated in a field trip to Glen Otto Park, farther downstream to learn more about stream health.

On the field trip students participated in three stations.  First was vegetation monitoring where students surveyed transects for the species in the area along Beaver Creek.  The second station was water quality were students used probes to test different aspects of the stream including pH, turbidity, flow and dissolved oxygen.  Finally students did a macroinvertebrate survey of Beaver Creek which they compared to macros found in the Sandy River nearby.  Students concluded based on the types of species found that Beaver Creek may be more polluted than the Sandy River.

After lunch by the Sandy River, Roy Iwai from Multnomah County came to give a talk about the health status of Beaver Creek.  Students learned about the problems associated with an urban stream and about the wildlife, particularly fish that live in Beaver Creek.

Thanks for your enthusiasm Sam Barlow students!  We’ll see you next time at Beaver Creek!

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