Macros, Caging, Roots Oh My!

Portland Lutheran School @ Beaver Creek October 16th, 2013

Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Becca Strohm

Portland Lutheran students came out to Beaver Creek for their second trip on October 16th.  In the morning students pulled on some waders and performed a macroinvertebrate survey of Beaver Creek.  Macroinvertebrates are aquatic insects that have no vertebrae but you can see with your naked eye.  Students took D-nets into the stream kicking up sediment and rocks to see what they could find.  Students were looking to identify macros in the four main families (see picture below) which each have a different tolerance of pollution.

macro  Students found mainly small minnow mayflies and a few caddisflies.  These species are more pollution tolerant so students concluded that Beaver Creek may be a more polluted stream.

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After a beautiful lunch on the Sandy River students took of their waders and did some maintenance at our Beaver Creek site.  Students did some blackberry root removal and beaver caging.  Having done both activities before students were experts and got a lot of work done caging 30 native species and removing around 40 blackberry roots!  Excellent work Portland Lutheran- we’ll see you next time at Beaver Creek!

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