Roots and Stakes at Rinearson Creek

Gladstone High School @ Rinearson Creek Oct 24th and Oct 31st

Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Becca Strohm

Gladstone students made two trips out to Rinearson Creek to do invasive removal and some bioengineering.

The first day students continued their work in clearing the new area near the Rinearson Creek headwaters of blackberry.  Lots of roots were dug and thorns cleared to make room for native plants which will be planted later in the year.

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On Halloween students came out to do some bioengineering or using plant materials to prevent or reduce erosion.  Trees will take root along the stream bank and the roots will help to hold in the soil, preventing erosion.   Willows are great for bioengineering because you can cut off larger branches, stake them into the ground and they will become new trees. The area around Rinearson Creek is also overrun with reed canary grass so the fast-growing willows installed will help to shade the grass out.

Students harvested willow stakes from the bioswale behind Gladstone High School which collects runoff from the parking lot.  Twigs were cut off to ensure the new willows put all their energy into making roots and were placed into the ground.  Theses willows will help to get rid of the reed canary grass and hold the soil in place at Rinearson Creek.  A great two days of hardwork Gladstone students!

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