Spring Mountain Shows Ivy Who’s Boss

Spring Mountain Elementary School @ Mt. Scott Creek October 22nd, 2013

Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer, Becca Strohm

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Spring Mountain Elementary students made their first trip of the year to Mt. Scott Creek to do some invasive removal.  Students first learned about the healthy aspects of a stream environment and why removing the invasive species is important.  Mt. Scott Creek is mainly overrun with English Ivy which covers the under-story and also has climbed up some trees not allowing the tree to receive sunlight.  Students remembered that a healthy stream environment includes native species which help to prevent erosion, provide habitat and food for native wildlife and provide more shade than invasives like ivy.

This year students will work a little upstream of the site last year in an area that includes a small island that has become overrun with ivy.  But the ivy is no match for Spring Mountain students who got right to work ripping it out, and creating huge mounds of ivy.  This will clear the way for students to plant natives later in the year.  Students also found a few crayfish and a salamander and cleaned up litter around the creek. Great job Spring Mountain in your work towards saving Mt. Scoot Creek!  We’ll see you next time!

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