Forest Grove HS Braves the Storm

Forest Grove High School @ Gales Creek January 11th, 2014

Written by: SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Becca Strohm

Forest Grove High School students braved the rain, wind and mud- all in the name of Green Team!  A contingent of students endured the weather on a Saturday morning to do some native planting and bioengineering.  First off we learned some ethnobotany and fun facts on some of our native plants, including;

Grand Fir needles can be used to make a tea

  Pacific Willow was used to make baskets.   Women who used to weave baskets of           willow never got arthritis because Pacific Willow also has asprin-like properties.

Ponderosa Pine needles can be eaten like seeds.

Western Red Cedar or the “Tree of Life”- it is said that if one stands with their back           to a Cedar, you will gain great strength for the day.

After a little plant identification, students planted around 40 trees and shrubs!

After a break for lunch and a warm-up in the bus, students came back out to do some bioengineering.  Students harvested willow and dogwood branches and then made them into live stakes about 3 feet long.  Next they were installed into the ground, right by the edge of the Gales Creek in hopes they will take root and help to hold in the soil, preventing erosion.  About 45 stakes were installed by Forest Grove students.  Thanks for all your hard work through the storm  Forest Grove!  We’ll see you next time at Gales Creek!

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