The Perfect Donut

Green Team Week April 14th to April 18th

Written by Jesuit Volunteers Becca Strohm and Dane Breslin


La Salle High School @ Phillips Creek April 16th and 17th

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La Salle High School came out for the final time to Phillips Creek this past Wednesday and Thursday.  Our final outing was quite a rainy experience but spent mulching some of our native saplings. Mulching was somewhat of a heroic experience as students had to cross a “bridge” to the other side of the stream.  As it kept raining the water got higher and our bridge crossing became more like wading but students kept going- all in the name of native plants!  Students carried buckets of mulch to spread a perfect doughnut shaped pile of mulch around each plant.  Overall students mulched around 300 native trees and shrubs.  As a celebration of all La Salle students have done for Phillips Creek each got a doughnut graciously donated by Voodoo Doughnuts!  Thanks for all the hard work and enthusiasm this year La Salle.  It was a privilege to work with you!

Sam Barlow High School @ Beaver Creek April 17th

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Sam Barlow students went out to Beaver Creek this week to do maintenance on our native plants.  Students had planted around 250 plants around Beaver Creek.  In order for these plants to do well students mulched around each plant.  The mulch will help to protect the plants during the long summer months.  Great job Sam Barlow students!  We’ll see you out next month at Beaver Creek.

Rex Putnam High School @ Boardman Wetlands April 18th

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Rex Putnam students came out this week for a day at Boardman Wetlands.  First up students learned the benefits of mulch.  Mulch feeds the plant as it breaks down into the soil, suppresses weeds that pop up around our plants and can hold onto moisture which is helpful to the plant, especially in the dry summer months.  Rex Putnam students mulched around 200 native plants and shrubs.  Great job Rex Putnam High School!  Thanks for the excellent work!


Wednesday, March 16th

Rachel Carson Environmental Middle School at Willow Creek

This Wednesday Rachel Carson students met again at the old SOLVE site at Willow Creek and did macroinvertebrate surveys, coffee bagging and site tours.  Due to the rain, the areas around the creek were especially precarious and muddy, but we found a plethora of tiny, spineless insects in the creek as well as a couple of aquatic snails and spiders.  A big thanks goes out to the parents who volunteered and ran the coffee bagging and invasive removal station! You all did an excellent job. Unfortunately, this was my last time out with many of the Rachel Carson students and they kindly said goodbye with a handshake.

Thank you for a beautiful year, I will miss you all!


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