Speedy day at Johnson Creek

This morning the Solve green team paired up with a United Methodist Church from Salt Lake City, Utah to lay much, remove invasives and plant natives. We arrived at Johnson creek, behind the stone bridge apartment complex, anticipating a relatively small group of volunteers. Two big white vans pulled into the parking lot and about 15 volunteers hopped out. Immediately I though we had too little work. Our plan was to mulch but it looked as though the day had bigger plans. We divided the group into thirds: a group filling buckets with mulch, a mulching group and an invasive species team. After briefing the volunteers on the work we would be doing and its importance for our riparian ecosystems we let them loose. Within an hour the whole site had been mulched and the attention was focused on invasives. Morning glory, English ivy and Himalayan blackberry were targeted and eradicated. Holes were dug, Dane arrived and the planting began. When the volunteers left I looked around and could do nothing but smile at the power of volunteers. When people come together, things get done.
Written by DukeEngage  volunteer Carl Heinz

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