King Elementary Keeps Abernethy Green

Why is Abernethy Creek in Oregon City looking so great? Did a leprechaun stop by this weekend to cause mischief to the invasive plants? Are the nice new piles of dirt under each plant a freshly dug hiding place for gold? I suppose you could say all that is true… On Friday, a whole class of leprechauns, the Green Team from King Elementary in Oregon City, visited Abernethy Creek to play some shenanigans on the unwanted plants growing there. These short people got a lot of work done mulching the native plants that had been planted this winter. While there may not be actual gold buried under each of these plants, this mulch is as valuable as gold for them. It not only provides a nice organic layer that will keep the plants’ roots moist in the summer when things dry out, but it also suppresses invasive plants from growing right next to each native plant. Without this mulch the invasives would be able to steal resources like sunshine, water, and nutrients from the small natives.

Despite the short amount of time they were out there, the hard-working students at King Elementary did a lot of work, and Abernethy Creek has never looked better. Thanks guys!

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