The Chronicles of “Gnarnia”…

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Written by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Northwest Member Lauren McKenna

Mountain View Middle School @ Beaverton Trib 10/19/2012

In a land far away, where an unnamed creek flows under a neighborhood and is overrun by thorny blackberry briers, twisting vines and choking grasses, a small but mighty group of students, bounded together by heart, courage and wisdom, fought gallantly to conquer the evil forces of invasive plants and bring about the goodness of plants native to the land of “Gnarnia”! 

Mountain View Middle School returned to a small tributary of Beaverton Creek (that they like to call “Karper Creek” after their teacher) to remove invasive plants and uncover native trees and shrubs that will create shad for the creek, prevent the banks from eroding  filter urban runoff, and provide habitat for wildlife.  Some students had worked on a small bridge that crosses the creek to a part of the Riparian Zone (the area of land near the creek) they like to call “Gnarnia” (spelled with a “g”, they were very particular about naming the area they were working at)!

As part of their efforts to save Gnarnia / Karper Creek / Beaverton Creek Tributary, students cut down and remove invasive Armenian blackberry, Morning glory, Fireweed and Reed canarygrass that had been growing over the native Nootka roses and Douglas spirea.  Huge piles of dying invasive were all that were left…and native plants, of course, that are now breathing a little easier.

Thanks for all your hard work and enthusiasm, Mountain View!

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