Litter and Love Letters: Council Creek has it all!

Photos and text by SOLVE Jesuit Volunteer Northwest AmeriCorps member Lauren McKenna

City View Charter School 6th grade, 5/6/2013

End of the year = nap time in the grass!

End of the year = nap time/ play time in the grass for this enthusiastic bunch!


……………….. science projects!

bottles of mystery liquids!

……………………………………………. report cards!

and even a love letter!

… sounds like a schools trash bin on the last day of school!  Actually, these items were found by the City View Charter School 6th graders in the neighborhood along Council Creek (by Ryland Park).  A seemingly well-kept neighborhood had more litter than any of the students suspected — about 40 pounds! Then students wrote reflections on their time with Green Team at Council Creek — many were about how terrible they now think litter is!

“People throw away so many things that could be recycled, all it does is hurt the world and could eventually destroy it.  Work hard, play hard.  Work hard cleaning up, have a planet to play in.”

– Nate, 6th grade

Litter does not come just from litterbugs… it comes from all the things people use that do not break down.  While plastics, for example, have helped improve people’s lives, it also has lead to SO MUCH WASTE!  Trash can collect in our waterways, affecting wildlife and the quality of the water we ALL depend on.  Don’t litter, find news ways of doing day-to-day things without using plastic, avoid a lot of packaging …  and pick up after your pet!  Learn more about the effects of litter here and ways you can help improve water quality at home here!


THANK YOU to City View’s 6th grade class, their teachers and all the amazing adult chaperones who came to help out — and experience the joys of —  Council Creek!


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