In the Shadow of Dr. Jane

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Green Team Coordinators Gina, Meghan, and Charlie had the once in a lifetime opportunity to join one of our Green Teams, the Resources for Health Roots and Shoots group, to Salem last Friday at the Oregon Roots and Shoots Convention (for more information on Roots and Shoots go here).  The definite highlight of the day was when Roots and Shoots founder, Dr. Jane Goodall, the celebrated naturalist, peace activist, and inspiration for all women in science, arrived. Dr. Jane personally visited with each Roots and Shoots group and watched each present to her about their various projects to combat ecological and social injustices in their communities. The Resources for Health group from Beaverton did an excellent job sharing with Dr. Jane about their H2Origami, sending letters on the backs of aquatic origami animals to convince the governor of Oregon not to allow Nestle to put in a water bottling plant in the Colombia gorge. Dr. Jane was very impressed and even connected them with another group of people in Chicago who are using similar tactics to stop the bottling of water in their community.

Before Dr. Jane left, Gina, Meghan, and Charlie managed to snap a photo with our hero, Dr. Jane, and she passed off some wonderful wisdom to us: “Make sure they are having fun,” she noted, “People always work hard when they are having fun!” Thanks Dr. Jane! We are really excited to begin leading our Green Teams out into the field to really improve our local watersheds, and we are sure going to continue to have fun be a high priority for all our Green Teams!

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