King Elementary: Keeping plants from being beaver snacks!

Last Friday on the 3rd, King Elementary embarked on a journey to save the young saplings from the hungry beaver inhabitants at Abernethy  Creek. Last time the Green Team visited, they helped plant willow trees to help hold onto the eroding soil at Abernethy. This time, the students were very excited to put up beaver cages around the young trees they staked in the previous visit. By setting up the cages, the hungry beavers are unable to gnaw away the young trees, thus protecting them from harm. These cages encourage the beavers to chew on more developed trees instead of the saplings. The students also got to see a great example of how much the beavers actually chew away the bark on a Douglas fir tree, and it showed them the reason why we  need to cage the young trees. Right away they got a lot of the saplings caged and protected from the beavers. They worked their very hardest and did a great job! They are just one step closer in bettering the ecosystem at Abernethy Creek.

Written by guest blogger and SOLVE volunteer, Gavin.

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