Rex Putnam High School returns for a third year at Boardman Wetlands

Rex Putnam HS @ Boardman Wetlands on 10.23.2013

Written by Rex Putnam High School Green Team

Rex Putnam’s sustainable system class was once again back at Boardman Creek helping to make it a healthier watershed. This was the first time the 2013-14 sustainable systems class was down at Boardman, but they demonstrated great effort, and were really into what they were doing. Nicole, our SOLVE instructor, explained with detail what a good watershed was to the students, and the students had no difficulty understanding. Eager to start working on Boardman, Nicole explained to the students that they would be taking down reed canary grass, and digging up blackberry roots. Without hesitation the students got to work. The 2013 -14 sustainable systems class did a wonderful job and had a very successful first day at Boardman creek.

Thanks Rex Putnam, you did a great job preventing reed canary grass from shading out our native plants so that in turn, our native plants can shade out the reed canary!  We are looking forward to seeing you next time!

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